Kansas City Design Week

Kansas City Design Week is an annual week celebrating the large design community in Kansas City. This year's theme was based on the concept, "Design Was Here". Using just black, neon green, and a handful of symbols, "Design Was Here" humbly sheds light on how design can be found anywhere, in the most unexpected places.

As an intern at Barkley, I worked specifically on the social media content used to advertise the week. The challenge of using black, white, and neon green created interesting restrictions, in turn, produced interesting content. The imagery was used on Instagram, Twitter, and the KC Design Week website.

Team at Barkley

Paul Corrigan, Design Director
Arthur Cherry, Associate Design Director
Jen Beck, Art Director
Edwing Mendez, Art Director
Audrey Raymond, Art Director
Kylie Dressman, Intern
Grace Heitmann, Intern
KCDW, Don't Not See KCDW, X Marks the Spot KCDW, Obi KCDW, Calendar KCDW, Cover Photo KCDW, Juan KCDW, Sketch KCDW, X-Marks KCDW, Chain